PhenQ Testimonials From Canadian Customers

“After 2 weeks I could already see the results. The puppy fat was starting to disappear and I’d lost 12″ from around my waist.” T.E, Vancouver

“I kinda knew these pills were going to work, and i had a lot of weight to lose, so i bought three bottles and got two extra ones for free. I’ve still got two bottles left and I’ve already lost 58lbs.” Valerie, BeaconsField, Montreal


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“I don’t like wasting money, so I only bought these pills because of the guarantee. I am delighted to say they work really good and have already helped me to lose 19 pounds.” Serena, Toronto

“I’ve been using PhenQ with diet and exercise and can confirm it has helped me to lose weight. My dress size has dropped from 18 to 12 and I have achieved this in only 3 months.” M.Murray, Whistler

PhenQ testimonials Canada

“I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. People used to call me Fat Lad at school and it didn’t get any easier as I got older. I got tired of the constant comments and jokes and decided to make a change. PhenQ helped make that change possible. I used to weigh 287lbs, now I weight 156. I could never have done it alone.” Imelda, Winnipeg

“My clothes were all becoming tighter, and found myself getting out of breath faster on the stairs, so I knew something had to be done. Battling the constant hunger urges was murder, but these pills took them away. Now I am losing weight steadily and feel a lot better in myself as well.” J.J, Alberta

“Nothing was working. I was eating right, avoiding the junk food, and had even taken up jogging. I tried several brands of diet pill, but none of them worked. PhenQ was different. Every time I stepped on the scales I was a few pounds lighter.” M. Morrison, Saskatchewan

“Diet and exercise was working to some extent, but I wanted to lose weight faster and decided to place my trust in PhenQ. The weight started dropping off a lot faster. I’d lost 23lbs by the time I’d finished the first bottle.” Deidre L, British Columbia

Canadian PhenQ customer testimonials

“Everyone said I was just wasting my money, but I had a feeling PhenQ would turn out to be different from the other diet pills I’d tried in the past. Thank God I was right. It’s only been 11 weeks and I’ve already dropped 45 pounds.” B. Maylor, Manitoba

“I have no idea if these pills are really the same as several diet pills taken together, but I do know that they work because my pants are becoming so baggy I’ve had to add a few more holes to my belt.” S.S, Québec

“Saying no to food has always been hard for me, but it isn’t a problem any more. PhenQ helps me to lose weight without being hungry and gives me a wonderful energy buzz.” T. Proggo, Ontario

“The people that make these pills say they do a lot different things that will help you to lose weight. I wasn’t fully convinced of that, but I’ve been taking them for 7 weeks and they work just fine. I have got extra energy and I don’t feel hungry all the time. My mood is good too and I’ve lost 43lbs so the things the manufacturer says are true.” Yvonne, Edmonton, Alberta

“A combination of too much junk food and too little exercise had caused me to pile on the pounds. At 25 years old I was 28 pounds overweight and looked a mess. I don’t want to be single all my life, but that saying that boys like something to get hold of is a myth. Something had to give. I cut out the junk food and took up aerobics, but the progress was slow and I always felt hungry. When I began taking PhenQ the weight started disappearing much faster and hunger became less of a problem. I have since found a boyfriend. I’m not sure if he is mr right, but he’ll do for right now and I truly believe I couldn’t have done it without the help of PhenQ” S. Calley, Toronto

“For the last couple of years my weight had been fluctuating a lot. The heaviest was 192lbs, the lightest 174 and I am only short. PhenQ helped me to lose 9lbs in the first 4 weeks. After 8 weeks I’d lost 14 more. I’m not really sure how it works, but I know that it does.” O. Bearand, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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